Essential Areas to Protect on Your Car with PPF

Essential Areas to Protect on Your Car with PPF

What is PPF?

When buying or considering a purchase of a new vehicle, one of the first steps is to think about investing in protection for your valuable possessions. Just as you would buy a protective case for your cellphone, it is important to safeguard your vehicle from scratches and stone chips. Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane film with self-healing properties that can help preserve your vehicle’s paint for years ahead. Proactively protecting your car from road and environmental hazards can increase its resale value and recoup your initial investment. If you have not yet considered “Should I PPF my car?”, in this blog we will uncover all the details that may prompt you to reconsider.

How Will PPF Protect My Car?

There are many questions around like “What Does PPF Protect Against?”. It is important to understand all of the advantages of PPF protection before deciding to get it. Paint Protection Film was specifically engineered to mitigate the effects of abrasions, such as minor scratches, bird droppings, bug splatters, UV radiation, fading, and oxidation. 

We all know with highways and constructions in Toronto rock chips are the main hazard for Ontario vehicles. So that brings everyone who considers getting PPF to one question: “Does PPF protect against the Rock Chips?” The answer is yes! The paint protection film is equipped with robust self-healing properties that effectively guard against damage from rock chips, whether you are driving on the highway or exploring rural backroads.

The Importance of Using PPF on Your Car

In recent years, Paint Protection Film has become more of a necessity than a choice for vehicle owners. The benefits of PPF have proven to be a reliable form of protection that preserves the exterior of a vehicle for the long term. With PPF installed, concerns about damage from incidents such as door dings in parking lots are alleviated. Owners often wonder, “Does PPF protect against door dings?” The answer would be yes! While PPF primarily protects against scratches and chips, it also offers some level of defence against minor dings. This not only provides peace of mind regarding the condition of the vehicle but also helps maintain its resale value.

The Importance of Using PPF on Your Car

Areas on the Car to Protect With PPF

To maximize the benefits of PPF, it’s crucial to know which parts of the car are most vulnerable and therefore most in need of protection. Here are the key areas you should consider:

Front Bumper

The front bumper is perhaps the most susceptible part of a car when it comes to damage. From road debris to insects, it faces constant exposure. Applying PPF front bumper ensures that it stays free from chips and stains, maintaining the car’s pristine look.


The hood of your car takes a significant hit from environmental elements. Rock chips and road debris can quickly ruin the appearance of the hood. Using PPF hood helps prevent these damages, keeping your car looking sleek and polished.

Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are often overlooked but are prone to scratches and chips from passing objects and other vehicles. Protecting your side mirrors with PPF will help maintain their clarity and functionality.

Door Edges

Door edges are common areas for paint chips, especially in tight parking spaces where doors can be dinged by adjacent vehicles. Applying PPF door edge guards can prevent these chips and maintain the car’s overall appearance.

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper can suffer from scratches and abrasions, especially when loading and unloading cargo. PPF rear bumper helps to protect this area from damage, ensuring the car remains in top condition.

Installation of Paint Protection Film in Toronto

For vehicle owners in Toronto contemplating this investment, it is essential to find a trusted installer. Professional installation is key to ensuring that the Paint Protection Film is applied accurately and offers optimal protection. At ID Protection, we specialize in applying Paint Protection Film at varying levels of complexity. Our installers are highly trained in a range of techniques within the industry, enabling us to customize the film application to suit your specific vehicle. We provide a variety of PPF packages to accommodate different budgets. Request a free online quote today to learn more about our services.