Paint Protection Film Training

Our 2-Day PPF workshop will give you the boost you need to fast-track
your PPF career. Fill out the form to book.

1st Day


  • Detailed inspection for any damages, scratches, and chips
  • Proper reporting and administrative procedures


  • Washing techniques
  • Chemical/compound cleaning
  • Claybar application
  • Dying procedures
  • Prepping badges, parts and trims


  • Hand-cutting techniques
  • Pre-cutting techniques
  • Introduction to plotter and design software


  • Required temperature and shop conditions
  • In-depth review of various application methods
  • Advanced tips and tricks for achieving high-quality results
  • Advanced trimming and tucking-wrapping techniques
  • Working with various PPF films and vehicle panels and finishes

2nd Day

The second day of paint protection film installation training is focused on hand-on experience applying all the lessons that you have learned on the first day, under the guidance of a professional PPF installer.

You will practice end-to-end PPF installation techniques, including both manual and plotter-guided cutting of PPF. You will perform both pre-cut and hand-cut PPF installation on a hood, fender, lights, mirrors, bumper as well as other vehicle parts.

After the two-day PPF training in our Toronto studio, you will have sufficient knowledge and hand-on experience with PPF materials and services to enable you to begin your career as a PPF installer.

As a bonus, you will have direct access to our PPF experts for 6 months following your paint protection film training for any consultations required. You’ll also receive several types of PPF materials for your own practice, as well as a complete set of tools for PPF installation, including spray bottles for soap and alcohol, two types of squeegees, and a cutting knife.

FAQ about PPF Training

If you have any questions about the PPF installation, please contact us