#1 PPF Installer in North York

Looking for one-stop Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation services in North York? Look no further than ID Protection.

ID Protection’s dedicated and experienced PPF installers in North York boast a wealth of experience and are always passionate about their work. You can be sure that ID Protection only offers the highest quality PPF installation services in North York and will take the time to ensure that each PPF installation is perfect.

PPF Packages

All packages include complimentary ceramic coating on windows and rims.

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#1 PPF Installer in North York
Paint Protection Film Installation in North York

With over 12 dedicated years of experience in the field, ID Protection can be your trusted partner for PPF (paint protection film) installation in North York.

We proudly offer a wide range of packages to meet your unique needs and budget, and we also proudly offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on our North York PPF packages. Our team of certified and experienced PPF installers in North York is dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality service while ensuring your vehicle’s lasting protection.

ID Protection offers a variety of PPF finishes in North York, including matte, gloss, and colored PPF. You have all the freedom to choose the PPF finish that perfectly complements your taste and style.

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What is paint protection film (PPF), and why is it important?

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is an ultra-thin and typically clear/transparent layer of film crafted from polymer or polyurethane materials. PPF is applied to the exterior painted surfaces of a vehicle, which can serve a dual purpose:

  • Safeguarding the vehicle’s paintwork from physical and chemical damage
  • Enhance the car’s looks

Protection Function:

PPF is made of highly durable material that can protect the vehicle’s exterior from a variety of hazards, including:

  • Road debris: PPF can function as a barrier that can protect your vehicle’s paint from gravel, rocks, and other types of road debris that can otherwise cause unsightly scratches, dents, and chips.
  • Insects and bugs: Unwanted bug splatters and bird droppings can cause significant acid damage to your car’s paintwork. In North York PPF can effectively protect against these acid hazards.
  • Mitigating minor blemishes: PPF has a remarkable ability to absorb and diminish minor swirl marks, scratches, and scuffs, keeping your vehicle looking pristine for longer.
  • Protection against UV rays: UV rays due to prolonged exposure to sun rays are notorious for causing the car’s paint to fade and oxidize over time. PPF is highly effective in protecting against UV rays.

Aesthetics enhancement:

  • Highlight the original paint’s quality: PPF is available in various finishes, including gloss, matte, and satin, which can enhance the original paint’s color with more depth and clarity (in the case of glossy finish), or a more understated look (matte or satin). This can make the vehicle look better.
  • Change the paint’s color: In the case of colored PPF, you can completely change the color of your vehicle or add custom graphics/designs without having to do an expensive repainting job.
  • Protecting a custom paint job: On the other hand, if your vehicle already incorporates a custom paint job, PPF can protect it from damage, keeping it looking pristine for more years to come.

Who can install paint protection film in North York?

Looking for a top-notch PPF installer in North York?

PPF installation is a delicate and potentially risky process, and it’s important to choose a reputable and credible PPF installation company in North York with a team of experienced installers to ensure that the PPF is applied correctly. With these concerns, look no further than ID Protection.

ID Protection is a top-notch PPF installer in North York, offering a variety of PPF products and services, including not only installation but also high-quality PPF removal and repair services in North York.

ID Protection extends its commitment to quality by offering a variety of PPF products from leading manufacturers like Llumar, Suntek, Stek, XPEL, and 3M, among others. Our experts are committed to assisting you in selecting the perfect PFF product in North York that aligns with your unique needs and budget; so you can be sure your vehicle is getting the best protection available.

At ID Protection’s North York PPF studio, we understand how you value your car as a long-term investment. We are committed to only using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure you get a perfect PPF installation.

Contact ID Protection today to learn more about our PPF installation services in North York.

Partial PPF

Strategically targets the most damage-prone areas to safeguard your vehicle.

Front Bumper $450
Partial Fenders $70
Partial Hood $150
Headlights $150
Pillars $100
Mirrors $80
Door Cups $100
Cargo Lip $100

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How long does paint protection film (PPF) last in North York?

Paint Protection Film in North York can last for a minimum of five years with proper care and, in some cases, can even provide optimal protection for more than ten years.

However, the longevity of PPF can vary depending on several key factors on top of diligent maintenance practices, including:

  • PPF brand and quality: High-quality PPF products from reputable brands are typically made from thicker, higher-quality materials, so they tend to have a longer lifespan.
  • Driving conditions: The condition of the road frequented by the vehicle can be a major factor determining the PPF’s lifespan in North York. Roads with more debris and a higher likelihood of hazards may result in shorter lifespans due to the potential wear and tear.
  • Climate: The relatively harsh climate in North York can shorten the PPF’s lifespan. Intense sunlight or harsh winters may cause more damage to the PPF over time.
  • Maintenance: Regular and appropriate maintenance practices are crucial to prolong the PPF’s lifespan in North York.

How to Maintain Paint Protection Film (PPF) in North York?

As mentioned, proper maintenance of your PPF is essential to prolong the PPF’s protective qualities and aesthetic appeal.

Fortunately, the best practices for maintaining PPF in North York are relatively simple, and here are some tips:

  • Regular washing: Wash the vehicle regularly using a gentle automotive soap + water solution. Don’t use abrasive cleaner tools or harsh chemicals, which can damage the PPF’s surface.
  • Waxing and sealant: Apply wax or sealant (choose products specifically designed for automotive or PPF) every few months to help maintain the PPF’s shine and protect the film’s surface from the elements.
  • Avoid pressure washers: In general, avoid using automated pressure washers on the vehicle, which can damage the PPF. However, if you must use a pressure washer, use a low setting and maintain a safe distance (at least one meter away.) Avoid directing the pressure washer at the PPF’s edges.
  • Avoid sharp objects: When cleaning dirt and debris from the PPF’s surface, avoid using any sharp or abrasive objects. Simply dab over the affected area with a soft microfiber cloth until it’s completely clean.
  • Prompt removal of chemical contaminants: Remove bird droppings, tree sap, or other acidic substances to prevent them from etching into the PPF and damaging it.
  • Inspection and repairs: Inspect the PPF regularly for signs of damage. Any identified damage should be repaired by a qualified professional like ID Protection as soon as possible, or else the damage may become worse.

Interior PPF

Protection against unwanted scratches on delicate surfaces inside the vehicle.

Touchscreens $150
Center Console $150
Dashboard $150
Door Panels $250

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ID Protection is committed to delivering comprehensive care of your vehicle as a long-term investment, leaving no detail unattended. This is why we offer the opportunity to protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with our wide range of paint protection film (PPF) products and services in North York.

Protect your car’s interior at our PPF installation studio in North York.

Can paint protection film (PPF) be applied to any vehicle in North York?

Yes, paint protection film (PPF) can be applied to most vehicles in North York, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and other types of vehicles.

Even if your vehicle has a non-traditional shape or unique contours, professional PPF installers in North York, like ID Protection, can customize the PPF to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Where can I remove paint protection film (PPF)  in North York?

If you are looking for a reputable and experienced PPF removal service in North York, look no further than ID Protection.

We take immense pride in our team of experienced and certified professionals in North York who can safely remove your PPF from any make or model of vehicle. We prioritize the preservation of your car’s paintwork, so we only use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure the PPF is removed safely and completely with the utmost care and precision.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable PPF removal service in North York, contact ID Protection today. We offer a free consultation and estimate so that you can learn more about our services, including PPF removal, ceramic coating, and car detailing.