The Beginners Guide To Clear Bra

Protecting a car’s paint from the trials and tribulations of the daily road conditions can become a costly and daunting task when provided with the numerous options available. With paint protection films becoming increasingly more popular over the last 5 years and the continual development of the technology, everyday car enthusiasts are turning to a clear bra application method to begin their journey of protecting their vehicle’s fresh paint.


Clear Bra is the application of a paint protection film specifically to cover the damaged prone and vulnerable areas of a vehicle. This method includes protecting the front bumper, headlights, mirrors, and even parts of the hood. By using the paint protection film technology also known as PPF, your vehicle will have an invisible barrier between it and the harsh environment of today’s roads.


Not all paint protection methods are created equal. But some are developed under unique circumstances. Clear Bra is one of them.

It was initially developed and tested by the United States Military during a partnership with 3M for their helicopters during the Vietnam War. Their first film iteration was designed to protect the blades from dirt and debris damage sustained during landing and taking off. After successfully reducing the destruction inflicted on the U.S. helicopters, the films were adapted to planes and other military-related vehicles that showed exterior damage due to similar conditions.

After being battlefield tested and proven, 3M began to adopt this technology to other industries with vehicles that encountered debris-related damage. NASCAR became an obvious partnership due to the high stakes of industry sponsorships and the importance of maintaining overall car integrity. Thus, allowing their massive audience to see the benefit of how a simple Clear Bra application can protect a vehicle’s paint even in the most extreme environments.


A paint protection film can be applied on any painted, chrome, or smooth plastic-coated surface of a vehicle, providing professional installers or daring do-it-yourselfers extreme versatility with the product. In most instances, a complete paint protection film application is recommended for a brand-new vehicle, whether it is a truck, SUV, or even a motorcycle. But most cars can always benefit from minimal Clear Bra application.

During a front PPF installation process, a certified technician will apply the PPF following your vehicle’s body lines from the front bumper, headlights, mirrors, and to the vulnerable areas of the hood, leaving you with a seamless final product. When an application of a PPF is configured in this setup, it leaves your car’s most susceptible areas to damage protected against rock chips, scratching, road debris, chemicals, and damaging UV rays.


  • A Transparent Barrier: The film is unique in guarding against harsh chemicals, contaminants, and other debris from your brand-new paint. Preventing unsightly spotting, swirling, and hazing of your cars color and clear coat.
  • Cut Cleaning Time Down: Due to the hydrophobic properties of the film, washing and detailing time can be reduced to near in half, leaving your car with a natural glossy appearance.
  • Ease of Removal: Accidents happen. But after a PPF has taken some severe damage, or you are ready to move to a full PPF installation on your vehicle, the removal process is simple and easy. Once a technician peels off the film, your paint is left in its original condition with zero residues left behind.
  • Self-Healing Properties: During daily use, a car’s paint can experience the annoying but noticeable minor scratches from grabbing a door handle to just setting a cup of coffee on your car. The unique features of the film allow for it to self-heal in the event of minor scratches leaving your vehicle ready to take on the day, every day.
  • Longevity: Traditional paint protection methods like wax or ceramic coatings need constant maintenance and reapplication every few months. But unlike these methods, a Clear Bra can last years. Even with the appropriate maintenance and care, films can last up to 7 years.


Having a PPF installed on your vehicle is an investment for the longevity of your paint. While a PPF protects the original color and clear coat, it also allows cars’ resale value to maintain their worth instead of dropping due to costly paint damage. With road conditions becoming more volatile in the Greater Toronto Area, utilizing a PPF on your car now can save you thousands down the road when you are looking to trade-in for something new.

But installing a paint protection film isn’t for the faint of heart. Due to a car’s design and complexity of installation, a Clear Bra application can start at $800, including materials. This price can be overwhelming at first, but due to the intricacies and level of detail needed to complete a seamless final product, it is easily offset by having a professional team handle the job accompanied by long-term benefits.

Finding a trusted and certified technician to install your PPF can quickly become the daunting first step in your paint protection journey. A professional technician should have multiple accreditations from industry-respected organizations like 3M, Avery, and Ceramic Pro. This ensures the product is applied correctly, the first time.  Which will allow you to enjoy the full range of benefits of having a PPF applied to your car from day one.

At ID Protection, our highly trained and professional staff have created an environment that can handle any vehicle needing a paint protection service. With our fully outfitted studio near the Greater Toronto Area and our wide range of products, our team can get your car looking showroom ready today.

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