5 Reasons To Get PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Keeping your car in great shape can be challenging, especially during the Canadian winter. If you’ve ever driven on roads in the GTA when the snow starts flying, you know all about the dangers of salt, sand, and even flying chunks of ice. It may one of the reasons you’re thinking about getting Paint Protection Film for your vehicle. You’ve done a little bit of research, and you’ve seen some of the costs. You’re wondering if the benefits really match the price. Is it worth it to get PPF? The answer is usually yes! If you’re not convinced paint protection film is the right choice for your vehicle, here are five reasons to get PPF.


The most common reason people choose to get PPF in Markham, Vaughan or Toronto is the debris that winter roads churn up. You might think about rocks in the summer or if you’re following a gravel truck. Even twigs or sticks could damage your car’s paint.

In the wintertime, though, there are other hazards to worry about. Chunks of salt and even the fine grit of sand put down to take snow off the roads can chip, crack, or scratch your paint. In some cases, there may even be chunks of ice falling from traffic lights or streetlights.

PPF provides a barrier between your paint job and these hazards. Instead of hitting your paint, these hazards harmlessly hit the PPF protective layer. When the debris is removed, PPF can even self-heal, returning to its original state.

PPF can even protect high-touch areas of your car, like door handles. Over time, these areas are likely to become scuffed or scratched, maybe from a ring you wear or your keys. PPF could help prevent this kind of damage from occurring.


Paint protection film does more than protect against the damage caused by flying rocks and chunks of ice. It can also help protect your car from Toronto’s winter roads in other ways.

The salt and sand laid down on the roads are chemically formulated to melt away snow and ice. Unfortunately, these chemicals are also abrasive to your paint job and the rest of your car as well. Over time, they can cause paint to chip away as rust spots bubble up. They may also cause other weathering of the paint job.

PPF can help protect your car from these kinds of chemical agents. It can even protect against the weathering caused by acid rain or acidic bird droppings. In turn, your car will keep on looking great for a lot longer.


Snow and rain aren’t the only types of weather that can damage your car’s exterior. Even the sun can be damaging to paint. You’ve probably seen vehicles that have been left outside for long periods of time. The sun causes fading, which leaves the paint job looking dull and uninspired.

If the car doesn’t receive even sunlight, you’ll end up with a car that’s a few different shades. You’ll have to take it in to the shop and have it repainted at this point.

PPF stops this process before it even gets started. Its unique chemical properties allow it to block out the harmful UV rays that cause paint to fade. While you still may not want to park your car in full sun for days or months on end, you can rest assured paint protection film will keep your paint job looking brand new.


If you’re still not sold on paint protection film, then you might want to know that it increases a car’s resale value. This may be beneficial for a few reasons.

One, if you want to sell your car at any point in the future, you can get more for it. If you don’t take care of the vehicle, it’s going to devalue faster.

It might help you, say, if you wanted to get a loan on the vehicle. Your car will have higher overall value, which could increase your equity. It may also help if you’re being assessed for net worth or in other financial situations.

In short, no matter what you want to do with your vehicle, PPF adds to its value. In turn, it adds to your value as well.


Finally, paint protection film makes it easy to keep your car at its best. As mentioned, it protects against rocks and other debris, as well as protecting against fading, scratches, and chemical agents that could damage your paint job.

Those are all ways PPF keeps your car looking great. It also makes the car easier to wash, so your vehicle maintains its fresh, off-the-lot look. You’ll always be riding in style when you have PPF on your car.

Adding a ceramic coating to PPF can make it even easier to keep a vehicle clean as well. These coatings are often recommended on their own as protection against debris, tree sap, and other environmental hazards.

Ceramic coatings don’t offer all the benefits of PPF, though. By combining the two, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Your car will have the best protection available.


As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to invest in paint protection film in Brampton, Mississauga or Toronto. If you were wondering whether the investment made sense, you should be able to see just how much value PPF could bring to your ride.

Ready to make an investment in your vehicle and keep it looking great, rain or shine? Get in touch with the PPF Toronto experts today! They can help you choose the right protection for your vehicle and your budget. Winter weather will be no match for your car.