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Mercedes PPF Installation

The perfect paint job for your Mercedes can quickly deteriorate when exposed to loose gravel, debris, and other hazards. To ensure your car looks pristine, you can opt for a Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation from ID Protection. Our Mercedes PPF installers have the expertise and understanding of the intricate parts of a Mercedes and provide seamless coverage with no visible edges or seams. No matter the model, whether it be a Mercedes GLC, Mercedes GLE, Mercedes GLS or the all-new Mercedes AMG models, there is a Mercedes PPF installation package to match your needs and budget. We recommend full vehicle coverage for maximum protection, though even partial applications can go a long way in safeguarding your Mercedes's exterior. In addition, PPF can also be applied to multiple surfaces inside the Mercedes, particularly those with a black piano finish. The paint protection film will ensure that your Mercedes looks like it just came out of the showroom for years to come! With ID Protection’s PPF installation services, you can rest assured that your Mercedes will stay looking showroom-fresh long.

PPF Packages

Mercedes Vinyl Wraps

Let your style shine through with a custom vinyl wrap for your Mercedes. Whether you’re looking to customize elements such as the hood, side mirrors, or bumpers – or even change the entire color of your car – ID Protection can help. Our team of professionals provides seamless installation of Mercedes vinyl wraps that are both cost-effective and removable, simultaneously protecting your original paint job. You can choose from various textures and colors – from classy satin black to intense matte black or flashy chrome wraps. Not only will you get the look you want, but you’ll also be turning heads on the streets of Toronto. Make a statement with unique graphics, or choose a color that distinguishes your Mercedes. With Mercedes vinyl wrapping, you can quickly and affordably transform the look of your Mercedes and stand out from the crowd. Show the world your modern, inventive side, and let your style beam through with a custom vinyl wrap for your Mercedes. Make it uniquely yours with ID Protection!

Vinyl Wrap

Mercedes Chrome Delete

Bring your Mercedes into the modern age with a sleek and sophisticated chrome delete from ID Protection! This blackout package will completely transform the look of your beloved Mercedes, covering all those dull chrome pieces with a glossy, satin, or matte black vinyl wrap. Our Mercedes chrome delete service includes applying industry-leading products to window trims, door handles, mirrors, and more. The effect of this aggressive and trendy blackout will be stunning, taking your Mercedes to the next level in style. Plus, our vinyl applications are easily reversible should you ever wish to resell or refresh the look of your vehicle. With our chrome delete service, you will have the confidence that your Mercedes is always looking its best.

Chrome Delete

Mercedes Ceramic Coating Services

A coat of armor for your Mercedes - that's what ceramic coating promises! It provides an invisible protective layer to your car inside and out, safeguarding it against unsightly messes, scratches, UV rays, and other external damage. ID Protection offers a wide range of options when it comes to Mercedes ceramic coating - from exterior panels and glass to interior soft and hard touch surfaces. Not only does ceramic coating protect your precious Mercedes from unwanted spills and stains, but it also preserves the luxurious feeling of its interiors while maintaining its natural shine. With the extra barrier provided by this coating - no more worrying about white seats with blue jeans!

Ceramic Coating