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ID Protection is the leading provider of PPF installation services in Vaughan. Our experienced PPF team guarantees excellent service. Trust us for the best PPF solutions in Vaughan.

PPF Packages

All packages include complimentary ceramic coating on windows and rims.

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#1 PPF Installer in Vaughan
Paint Protection Film Installation in Vaughan

PPF is a thin, clear, and very durable layer of film, typically made from polyurethane or polymer, that is applied to a vehicle’s exterior as invisible protection.
Here at ID Protection, we provide the highest-quality professional PPF installation services in Vaughan, Ontario. Our cutting-edge PPF products boast remarkable self-healing qualities on top of their hydrophobic capabilities. This means it can effectively repel water (or other liquid) and dirt, but the PPF can also automatically repair minor scratches, swirl marks, and scuffs by itself, protecting your car for longer. We offer an exclusive 10-year warranty to ensure your car can stay pristine as long as possible against the test of time. We offer different types of PPF, from matte to colored PPF. So, contact us and schedule an appointment to start protecting your car’s paintwork right away.

What is paint protection film (PPF), and why is it important?

PPF is a transparent, thin, but durable film layer made from polyurethane that can be applied to the car’s exterior to protect the paintwork from various potential damages from scratches to rock chips to bird droppings and acidic damages.

For any vehicle owner, PPF could be an excellent investment by keeping a high resale value for longer.

PPF is practically invisible, making it an excellent choice for those who still want to showcase the car’s original color but have the paintwork fully protected.

PPF was first developed in the early 1990s by 3M to protect military helicopter blades from sand and debris. The automotive industry later discovered its potential for safeguarding cars’ exteriors in the early 2000s, which has led to its increasing popularity due to the numerous benefits it offers.

Another key benefit of PPF is the fact that it only requires easy maintenance. Once the PPF in Vaughan is installed by professionals on the vehicle’s surface, it requires practically no special care.

Simply perform regular cleaning and regular car washes without needing to worry about costly trips to car detailers.

At ID protection, we can also apply a ceramic coating on your car to make it look brighter and make the washing much easier.

Who can install paint protection film in Vaughan?

ID Protection is the leading professional paint protection film (PPF) installer in Vaughan, Ontario.

Our PPF studio in Vaughan takes pride in our team of certified, skilled, and experienced professionals. We have provided service to a lot of satisfied clients, not only in Vaughan but also across Greater Ontario.

At ID Protection, we choose only the highest-quality materials for our PPF products. If you’re still not convinced, we offer a 10-year warranty on every PPF installation in our Vaughan studio.

Partial PPF

Strategically targets the most damage-prone areas to safeguard your vehicle.

Front Bumper $450
Partial Fenders $70
Partial Hood $150
Headlights $150
Pillars $100
Mirrors $80
Door Cups $100
Cargo Lip $100


How long does paint protection film last in Vaughan?

Paint protection film in Vaughan should last for at least five years with good care.

In Vaughan, Ontario, with its relatively mild climate, ID Protection PPF’s lifespan could last even more than 10 years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

What’s the secret of our prolonged PPF lifespan in Vaughan? While there are many factors to consider, the secret is our film’s thickness and high-quality materials.

We only use the highest quality of materials with self-healing capabilities in our protective films, and when combined with our accurate and professional installation by our certified and experienced Vaughan PPF installers, your PPF can last longer as your long-term investment.

There are no additional treatments for PPF for the first 2 years, as it contains protective ceramic properties.

To prolong your PPF’s lifespan, you don’t need to do anything except regular cleaning with non-chemical and chemical substances, as PPF is not damaged by them. Applying wax or protective sealants can also help by adding an extra layer of protection.

Interior PPF

Protection against unwanted scratches on delicate surfaces inside the vehicle.

Touchscreens $150
Center Console $150
Dashboard $150
Door Panels $250


At our Vaughan PPF installation studio, our team of skilled and certified installers is always committed to preserving your car’s beauty. With our interior PPF installation services in Vaughan, we’ll make sure to take care of every little detail.

Watch as your vehicle’s interior is transformed and protected with the protective film.

Can paint protection film be applied to any vehicle?

Yes, PPF (paint protection film) can be applied in Vaughan to any vehicle regardless of brand, model, or year of making.

However, there are situations where the PPF or the vehicle in question would need special treatment before the PPF can be properly applied.

If you are not sure whether PPF can be applied to your car in Vaughan or if any special treatments are necessary, you can consult with ID Protection to assess your car’s specific needs and get guidance in choosing the right type of PPF for your vehicle.

Where can I remove paint protection film in Vaughan?

When it comes to PPF removal in Vaughan, ID Protection is a reputable choice offering professional paint protection removal services.

With a team of certified PPF installers in Vaughan, ID Protection ensures the safe and proper removal of your PPF without damaging the car’s paint job or exterior. ID Protection offers competitive prices and a satisfaction guarantee, so you can always expect to receive quality service at a great value.

Feel free to reach out to ID Protection for a free consultation. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or inquiries you may have and assist you further.