What Is Ceramic Coating And Its Advantages?

The detailing industry has picked up pace in the last couple of years, with more people opting for services like paint protection, ceramic coating, and window tints. According to statistics, the market for detailing services has grown 2% each year since 2016. The future looks brighter because business is booming, and people have started to understand the importance of protecting their vehicles from the harmful environment.

If you own a car and are looking to protect it against the elements, you could consider ceramic coating as an option. It doesn’t provide as strong protection as paint protection film but has a great benefit for the vehicle and you as a driver.


You have to understand ceramic coating and what it is before thinking about getting it on your car. In simpler terms, ceramic coating involves putting a layer on top of your vehicle’s exterior paint, on the rims, glass, or interior components. This layer is made up of a chemical polymer solution that, when applied, protects the surface below and adds a hydrophobic layer on top. In other words, it is a fancier and more expensive alternative to waxing. The difference is that the results of waxing don’t stay for long, whereas the ceramic coat layer sticks on for longer.

As a result, no dirt, dust, grime, mud, or water can stick to the surface. The coat protects everything that is below its layers. So essentially, if you get a ceramic coating, your vehicle will stay the way it is originally, and no harm will come to its original paint.

Here are a few more advantages of ceramic coating:


The sun is your best friend but also your worst enemy. Yes, it provides light and warmth to the creatures living on Earth, but the sun also emits UV rays that are harmful to humans. Interestingly, long exposure to UV rays can also damage the paint on cars.

If you have bought yourself a brand-new vehicle, you must protect its appearance by getting a ceramic coating. This way, the exterior paint will never look dull and washed out.


Since the chemical layer on top is hydrophobic in nature, pollutants and especially water do not stick to the car’s surface. So, dirt or grime won’t ever stick to your vehicle, and it will bead off almost instantly. Moreover, when you wash your car, you won’t have to worry about wearing off the ceramic coating. Unlike wax, the ceramic coating stays on for much longer.


No one hates driving a car that’s a head-turner. If a shiny vehicle passes by people are bound to look no matter the make or model. Now you can get that effect with a ceramic coating. There is no need to wash your vehicle every other day and wax it twice a week. You only need a detailed ceramic coating, and voilà! The job is done!

With the ceramic coating, your car will have a glossy appearance all the time. When your car looks like a million bucks, you will only have people admire your ride.


Ceramic coating can be applied to various car components to give them an everlasting shine. You can use it on the exterior, on the rims, on the interior, or on glass.


On the exterior, the main thing you are protecting and enhancing is the paint. The coat will maintain your car’s glossy look and keep it shining like new for a long time. Moreover, the UV rays won’t affect the surface, so the paint will remain as bright and shiny as it was on the first day out of the dealership.

At ID Protection, we offer a ceramic coating service for your car’s exterior. The job is performed by professionals, so you get the best results every time. You can learn more about it here.


We have already mentioned that ceramic coating has hydrophobic qualities. That comes in handy when you step inside your vehicle. The seats, carpet, and dashboard inside are all covered in leather, plastic, or fabric. The last thing you want is for them to get spoiled. Thankfully, getting a ceramic coat saves the components inside the interior cabin from any spillage.

You can get more details by visiting ID Protection and getting a quote for your vehicle.


The rims on your car are bound to get spoiled by dirt and mud. You cannot protect the rims from such damage except by getting a ceramic coat. The chemical layer from the coat will protect the rim’s surface and will not allow grime to stick.

If you drive down a muddy road, you will be able to bring your wheels back to their original appearance by giving them a quick wash. They will look good as new afterward, which is always a calming thought. 

ID Protection offers ceramic coating on rims at industry competitive prices, so don’t waste too much time thinking and use more of your time booking an appointment.


Last but not the least, ceramic coating on the glass is a great idea as the chemical layer protects the passengers from UV rays and it keeps the car clean. The glass doesn’t get dirty too easily, and even if it gets dusty, you can wipe it away using a microfiber cloth, and the glass will look as good as new.

You won’t protect the glass from scratches, but you will get a good bargain for the price by safeguarding your vehicle from UV rays. 

You can get your car a ceramic tint or a ceramic glass coating for a reasonable price from ID Protection. Our trained staff are determined and motivated to give you’re the best service in the world.

You will get to witness numerous benefits after getting a ceramic coating for your car. It is a cost-efficient detailing service that provides satisfaction of the highest degree.