Best Paint Protection Film For Your Car


Every car will experience minor paint damage during its lifetime, which is entirely avoidable through a paint protection film installation process.

Recently, interest in paint protection films has become widely popular among auto enthusiast groups. Films can be easily customized to match a car’s bodylines, leaving a seamless and factory-like finish. With its unique self-healing technology, a PPF can provide protection against rock chips, scratches, and other road debris found to cause damage. Allowing car owners to have a 360-degree paint protective barrier that will last for years, unlike traditional paint protection services.

Whether you are a DIY-er or looking to have a professional installation of a paint protection film, there are several options of PPF brands to choose from. In this article, we break down the top paint protection films that are used by trusted certified professionals daily. We explore what makes each brand unique; plus suggest recommendations for each brand’s ideal use.


The 3M brand is well known for its adhesive and other durable materials they manufacture for multiple industries. They were one of the first brands to develop a paint protection film for the public market and are popular due to their lower entry price than other options. Also, with the scale 3M manufactures products, several options are available in different roll sizes and tint colors for their films.

Their PPF is 8mm in thickness, giving you a thin barrier for your vehicle. Due to the delicate nature of the film, it can be challenging to install on a car if you have no prior experience with PPFs.

3M Products allow for a lower entry point for consumers but can be difficult for an inexperienced person to install correctly.


Similar to 3M products, XPEL is composed of a polyurethane layer with a thickness of 8mm.  XPEL’s products are well known for their invisible-like appearance, leaving a natural finish on any car’s body.

You can choose from several roll size options, 25″, 60″, and 84″.  Giving you complete control of how to cut individual pieces for your vehicle. But the price of an XPEL product can be a limiting factor due to the higher cost per roll of film.

XPEL is an excellent option for someone looking for a natural look with a standard level of protection to fend against unpredictable road conditions. Just be aware that if you choose to use an XPEL film, you could spend more than other brands.


An Avery Dennison Film offers various PPF types to fit your style needs. With options of matte or gloss finishes, your car can be transformed into an all-new look. This film brand offers several options to vehicle owners to meet their exact protection needs with thickness and roll size options.

Their most popular film type is their gloss super defense film. It provides a decent defensive layer against rocks, dirt, sand, and UV rays. This film is ultra-thin with a thickness of 6.5mm, causing difficulty in applying the film.  Thus, this film is not beginner-friendly and should be left to professional and certified technicians.

Choosing an Avery Dennison film can protect against common road debris in an ultra-thin design. But due to its characteristics, we recommend this film specifically for professional use and advise DIY-ers to compare other brands available.


LLumar films are unique because they incorporate a prominent hydrophobic layer to repel water and other liquid debris compared to other brands. Due to this multi-layer product, it has become popular with PPF installers to increase the layer of protection on their client’s vehicles.

Another advantage of LLumar is its options. With several finish and color options, your vehicle can receive a custom look and stand out from other stock models.

But even with the wide variety of options and unique constructions, the downside of an LLumar film is the length of the product warranty.  Unlike other brands we’ve compared, the warranty for an LLumar is only a couple of years, leaving your vehicle exposed even after a few rock chips.

LLumar film is ideal for some looking for a luxe and a customized look. LLumar is popular among professional installers with the ability to match their customer’s styles.


This new product is available to the paint protection film market (designed by industry experts), solving many other brands’ problems. With its improved multi-layer vinyl formula, the film is able to reduce the risk of shrinking or peeling after an installation.

Another benefit of ID PPF is that the film comes with a variety of tints, sizes, and finishes. Therefore, allowing for an unmatched application to your car. ID PPF can be purchased by the roll or foot, fitting any budget.

Finally, ID Paint Protection Film is easier on the wallet compared to other brands without giving up protection. This is highly beneficial for beginners trying to learn how to apply a PPF correctly, so accidental mistakes won’t be as costly.

ID Protection PPF is great for seasoned technicians or beginners due to affordability. Able to create a customized look for your vehicle with the various options in tint color and finishes they sell. This is a newer product. Therefore, it is currently only sold online or via local pickup at ID Protection HQ in Toronto, Canada.


After careful consideration, you have decided what film you would like to have applied to your car. Congrats, with the numerous brands on the market, it can be a daunting task. Your next step is to decide if you would like to try and apply the PPF yourself or go with a trusted professional.

While doing it yourself can seem enticing, due to the “savings” you’ll get by not paying for a professional service. Most DIY or at-home PPF installations end in poor results and cause malfunctions in the film. We recommend using a certified PPF installer in North York, Oakville, Burlington, Durham and other regions to apply any film to your car. Having an accredited installer apply the film first ensures the film’s warranty remains and provides the desired protection.